about boobiology


Boobiology believes that bra is a true obstacle for women no matter what age or what size they are. Though most women do not realize how a bra can seriously impact their lives in negative ways, plenty of researches including a 15-year-long study have proved that wearing a bra can actually weaken breast tissues causing breasts to be saggy. Besides, going braless encourages breast lift because your muscles surrounding breast area will be activated creating natural support for your breasts. Furthermore, (if you are here, you get it), bra-free feeling is one of the best feeling ever.

“Going braless inspires us to be free, to be our true selves, and to be effortlessly confident.”

Since ‘ULTIMATE BRALESS ESSENTIALS’ is our mission, Boobiology aims to provide the finest and healthiest solution for women’s breast-care routine. We focus on using the right materials to produce the right product. We continuously research and develop our product to constantly meet the highest quality in respect of safety, efficacy and functionality. 

Our products are made from certified hypoallergenic and toxin-free material under an ethical and eco-friendly environment. Our products are extensively tested for safety and efficacy by renowned independent institutions. We do not test on animals.

We aims to spread awareness about how going braless can profoundly change women lives. You can find benefits of ditching your bra through the articles in this link. We sincerely hope that these articles will help you to achieve your most comfortability and serenity.